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This is who you want during a pandemic to make you feel chic and special. From growing your own collection to gifting for friends and family, these accessories elevate everyoneโ€™s look. โ€“ Dana C

I adore Bead Up by Sam! Iโ€™m a repeat customer because her mask chains are trendy, well-made and simply a necessity. โ€“ Mariel N

Bead Up by Sam designs chains that make wearing masks hip, stylish and affordable. โ€“ Jackie D

My Story

Bead Up by Sam started by accident. Itโ€™s true - 100% by accident. It started with beads, and it has evolved into much more.

Bead Up by Sam sells premium custom accessories.

While you can get to know my products on the website, my goal is to take you beyond the website, and continue leveraging instagram to share my world with you.

Welcome to Bead Up by Sam, and feel free to follow me on Instagram @beadupbysam

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